WildFlight Falconry School

LocationJebel Ali - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Adult - $ 600    Child - $ 300    Price - $$

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    • Historical & Heritage
    • Cultural Trip
    • Wildlife
    • Nature
    • Off-the-beaten-path
    • Sightseeing
    • Walking
    • Equipment Provided
    • Accessible Bathroom
    • Disabled Parking
    • Designated Sighted Guide
    • Service Animals Allowed
    • Arts & Culture
  • Beginner

    • Inclusive of Local People
    • Embraces Culture & Heritage
    • Supportive Work Environment & Culture
    • Environmentally Conscious


WildFlight Middle East Falconry school:

WildFlight offers an intensive, Arabian-style falconry course for those who wish to learn the art of falconry. The course includes a starter kit and a certificate on the day of completion. All beginners will be accompanied by an expert falconer with several years experience in both Western and Arabian falconry techniques. The course offer basic tutoring in handling and housing of all species as well as training birds of prey. The course consist of level 1-3 and made up of five (5), 2 hour classes per each level.

Subjects covered include:

  1. History and cultural importance of falconry in middle east.
  2. Traditional quarry hunted by Bedouin falconers and species of falcons used.
  3. Evolution of Arab falconry culture in the modern age.
  4. Basic equipment and their purpose.
  5. Introduction to the falcon.
  6. Biological aspects of interest and conservation aspects.


Jebel Ali - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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