Walk Palestine



Adult - $ 0-1000    Child - $ 0-0    Price - $$$$

Experience Details

  • 18

  • Moderate,Strenuous

    • Provides Safe Drinking Water for Guests
    • Audio/Verbal Information Given
    • Guide Available
  • Intermediate

    • Inclusive of Local People
    • Embraces Culture & Heritage
    • Supportive Work Environment & Culture
    • Environmentally Conscious
    • Responsible Sourcing


Siraj Center's vision has been and continues to be to enhance the image of Palestine as a safe destination for responsible experiential tourism, and not only as a pilgrimage destination, by increasing the number of conscientious visitors coming to Palestine. Walking trails in Palestine are as old as the stones of Jerusalem, as caravan routes were used to cross Palestine and trade with the people who lived in Palestine through all ages and civilizations. Building on the great hospitality and kindness of the Palestinian people, and on the same routes that people have been using for thousands of years, new hiking and walking routes have been emerging in Palestine which we experience through our Walk Palestine tour.

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