RAW Coffee Company

LocationRAW Coffee Company - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Eatery Details

    • Gluten-Free Options
    • Allergy/Intolerance Considerations
    • Plant-Based/ Vegan Options
    • WiFi
    • Accepts Credit Cards
    • Accepts Apple Pay
    • Wheelchair Accessible
    • Inclusive of Local People
    • Embraces Culture & Heritage
    • Supportive Work Environment & Culture
    • Environmentally Conscious
    • Energy Efficient
    • Water Efficient
    • Waste Management
    • Responsible Sourcing
    • Supports the Local Economy
    • Female Owned


RAW Coffee Company is a specialty coffee roaster based in Dubai, UAE that is dedicated to sourcing, roasting, and distributing premium, ethically-sourced green beans from around the world. RAW was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing customers with a consistent, high-quality product and meaningful experiences in a welcoming and caring environment. The company is committed to the evolution of the coffee industry and to providing its staff with fulfilling careers in a healthy working atmosphere. In addition to its focus on quality, RAW also prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices, trading fairly with suppliers and working to minimize its environmental impact. Customers can visit RAW's warehouse roastery to sample or purchase single origin or blend coffees, or order locally-sourced and sustainable dishes and baked goods while lounging out in the large, digital-nomad friendly space. RAW is dedicated to providing the ultimate coffee experience through the best products, methods, and environment, and is committed to trading ethically, caring about its products, suppliers, processes, staff, and the environment.

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RAW Coffee Company - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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