Accommodation Details

Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa

Adult - $ 0-300    Child - $ 0-0    Price - $$$$

Accommodation Details

    • Hotel
    • 4 Guest
    • 2 Bed
    • 1 Bedroom
    • 1 Bathroom
    • WiFi
    • Gym
    • Linens Included
    • Spa
    • Pool
    • On-site Restaurant
    • TV
    • Private Bathroom
    • Bathtub/ Shower
    • Lounge
    • Private Room
    • Couples
    • Families
    • Groups
    • Inclusive of Local People
    • Embraces Culture & Heritage
    • Supportive Work Environment & Culture
    • Water Efficient
    • Waste Management
    • Responsible Sourcing
    • Family Owned


The family-owned Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa is built into the hills surrounding Lake Placid. While maintaining a reputation for elegance and comfort, Mirror Lake Inn has always recognized and paid tribute to their natural heritage. Appreciating and preserving the Adirondack Mountains’ natural beauty and resources has always been a driving force in Mirror Lake Inn’s decisions to constantly improve upon their sustainable practices. The resort has also long been known for its sports-related innovations and has hosted famous athletes and the Winter Olympic Games in 1932 and 1980, and the town of North Elba along the lake is the birthplace of famous abolitionist John Brown. The Mirror Lake Inn welcomes you to visit its beautiful grounds and experience the true Adirondack for yourself.

Mirror Lake Resort and Spa offers a variety of rooms and suites for couples, and families. Each room is especially designed with a variety of features, such as antique furniture with plenty of charm and stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lake. Accommodations are thoughtfully planned to be energy efficient, reduce waste, and be accessible – all while ensuring guests receive the quality experience they deserve.

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77 Mirror Lake Drive, Lake Placid, NY 12946, USA

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