LocationLOWE Dubai, KOA Canvas - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Eatery Details

    • Allergy/Intolerance Considerations
    • Plant-Based/ Vegan Options
    • WiFi
    • Accepts Credit Cards
    • Accepts Apple Pay
    • Wheelchair Accessible
    • Parking Available
    • Embraces Culture & Heritage
    • Supportive Work Environment & Culture
    • Environmentally Conscious
    • Waste Management
    • Responsible Sourcing
    • Supports the Local Economy
    • Female Owned


Located in Dubai, LOWE is a contemporary restaurant that showcases seasonal, local ingredients cooked using natural methods such as a charcoal grill, rotisserie, and wood-fired oven. The menu combines traditional techniques and unique flavors to create a memorable dining experience for guests. The restaurant's relaxed atmosphere, which is located within the Nasab creative community, is characterized by a sense of humor and nostalgia.

At LOWE, sustainability is a key focus. The restaurant's use of natural cooking methods and commitment to using seasonal, local ingredients helps to reduce its environmental impact. Natural cooking methods, such as a charcoal grill or wood-fired oven, do not emit harmful greenhouse gasses like gas or electric stoves do. Sourcing ingredients locally and seasonally also reduces the carbon emissions associated with transportation, as the ingredients do not need to be shipped long distances. Additionally, LOWE is committed to zero waste in the kitchen and uses natural and sustainable practices in all of its operations.

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LOWE Dubai, KOA Canvas - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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